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18 Jul 2014

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Believe it.Here is the list of 10 Hollywood Movies Copied from Indian Movies.

Bollywood movies have been rather infamous for lifting plots from Hollywood movies. From 'Satte Pe Satta' which was heavily inspired by 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers' to 'God Tussi Great Ho' that was a complete rip-off of 'Bruce Almighty', every generation has seen Bollywood films that have been 'inspired' by Hollywood. It is frustrating every time you watch a Hindi movie and find scenes that bear a strong resemblance to scenes from Hollywood movies. But did you know Hollywood has also copied Indian movies on more than once occasions?

It may come as a surprise, but there are Hollywood movies that are direct copies of Indian movies. The most recent example of this is the Hollywood movie 'Leap Year' that instantly reminds you of the hugely popular Bollywood movie 'Jab We Met'. You'll be surprised to learn how many award-winning Hollywood movies have the same plot as a few Indian movies that were released way before them. We found 10 such examples here.

Pearl Harbour – Sangam: The Love Triangle Drama in a war-torn backdrop shown in ‘Pearl Harbor’ (2001) is horridly influenced from the Indian Classic ‘Sangam’ (1964). The Hollywood movie was heavily criticised for its misleading name as it was based on a love triangle rather than on the incident of Pearl Harbor itself.

Jab We Met – Leap year: The creators of ‘Leap Year (2010)’ claim it is not a remake of ‘Jab We Met (2007),’ but the plot and scenes are way too similar for us to believe it. Both are about a talkative, silly girl who is determined to get to her boyfriend so she can propose to him. Along the way, she has to get help from a young down-on-his-luck man. They argue. They stay at a hotel and have to share a room. They fall in love. They separate. Their lives are forever changed because of their brief time together. They reunite. The end. The only differences are that "Leap Year" takes place in Ireland and focuses on Irish tradition and "Jab We Met" has musical numbers.

A Wednesday – A Common Man: A Common Man is a 2013 thriller film starring Oscar Award winner Ben Kingsley and Ben Cross and directed by Sri Lankan film makerChandran Rutnam. The film is an official remake of the Indian thriller A Wednesday! (2008), but Rutnam reworked the screenplay of this highly suspenseful thriller. A Common Man is an award winning movie that won Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor awards at the Madrid International Film Festival and bronze medal in the Feature Films category at the New York Festivals’ International Television and Film Awards, three of the 119 Gold World Medals, 145 Silver, 104 Bronze, and 327 Finalist Certificates awarded that day.

Vicky Donor – Delivery man: The Delivery Man (2013) was loosely based on Vicky Donor (2012). Both the movies have the heroes donating their sperms for money and giving birth hundreds of kids. The central plot of the movies are the same.

Divorce invitation – Aahvaanam: Hollywood saw the 1997 Telegu film ‘Aahvaanam’ being remade into ‘Divorce Invitation’. Both the movies had the same director, SV Krishan Reddy. Who ventured into Hollywood with the 2012 English romantic comedy, Divorce Invitation.

Just Go With It – Maine Pyaar Kyu Kiya: ‘Just Go With It’ (2011), the Jen Anniston and Adam Sandler movie is a copy of ‘Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya’ (2005)? Though both of them have been inspired ‘Cactus Flower’, they still differ from the original considerably. The resemblance between ‘Just Go With It’ and ‘Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya’, however, is uncanny.

Darr- Fear: ‘Darr’ is one of Bollywood's biggest successes. Shah Rukh Khan created a character no one will copy. Only in ‘Darr’ do you wish the crazy stalker would win the girl and the protective husband would die. ‘Darr’ inspired ‘Fear,’ but many scenes are very similar. The biggest difference is the stalker becomes the boyfriend, whereas in ‘Darr’ the poor crazy stalker doesn't get a chance with the girl. The obvious proof that ‘Fear’ is a remake is when the stalker carves the girl's name on his chest, which famously originated in ‘Darr’.

Rangeela – Win A Date With Tad Hamilton: ‘Rangeela’ (1995) is about a lovable loser who can't compete with a famous actor when it comes to winning the affections of a certain girl. ‘Win a Date With Tad Hamilton’ (2004) is about the exact same thing. The biggest difference is that in ‘Win a Date With Tad Hamilton’ the girl wins a date with Tad Hamilton. In ‘Rangeela,’ the girl earns an audition for a part in the actor's new movie.

Hitch – Chhoti Si Baat: ‘Hitch’ (2005) was inspired by the Bollywood film ‘Chhoti Si Baat,’ although no one has said so publicly. ‘Chhoti Si Baat’ (1975) is about a shy man who wants to woo a certain woman. He tries to mimic a charming, suave ladies man, but fails hopelessly. He gets help from a man who makes it his business to help people change their lives. ‘Hitch’ takes the two characters supporting the lovelorn guy and turns them into one, played by Will Smith.

Kill Bill – Abhay: It seems Tarantino was inspired by the animation sequence in the 2001 Tamil film ‘Aalavanthan’ (Hindi: Abhay) . The Kill Bill ‘O-Ren Ishii Japanese’ animation sequence was adapted from that. Apparently Tarantino admitted in a private conversation with Anurag Kashyap that the celebrated animation-action sequence in Kill Bill was inspired from 2001 Tamil film, Kamal Haasan starrer, Aalavanthan. Kashyap says, ‘Yes, Sight and Sound critic Naman Ramchandran first told me this. So when I met Quentin in Venice I asked him whether the Manga sequence in Kill Bill was inspired from an Indian film and he excitedly remarked, ‘Yes, I saw this Indian serial-killer film which showed violence as animated.’’ Kashyap explains, ‘There is only one Indian serial-killer film which was made before Kill Bill where violence was animated, and that was Abhay/Aalavanthan.’

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