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31 Oct 2012

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EEGA movie Copied from 2 films 'COCKROACH' & 'THE BEE'(with proofs)


Movie: Eega-Naan Ee-Makkhi(2012) 

Director: SS.Rajamouli

                      The Latest blockbuster Indian Trilingual movie, EEGA(Telugu) or Naan EE (Tamil) or Makkhi(Hindi) is being accused of copying scenes from 2010 Australian flick Cockroach, by Luke Eve.
          Buzz is that Telugu film bears a stark resemblance to an Australian short film 'Cockroach'
While a lot of curiosity has gathered around the upcoming Telugu film Eega, buzz is that a certain amount of ‘inspiration’ has been borrowed for the film from an Australian short film. Our sources say that Eega/Makkhi has a very strong resemblance to the shorts titled Cockroach made by filmmaker Luke Eve. Cockroach released in Australia in March, 2010.

Our source points out, “In both the film, the protagonist dies and is reincarnated as an insect to lay their claim on their old love. In Cockroach, a rom-com, the protagonist gets run down by his own wedding car and returns to his girlfriend as an insect, hoping she will recognise him.” In Eega, the protagonist gets killed by the villain and he returns as a fly to seek revenge.

The source adds, “In fact, there are certain recurring sequences how attempts are made to kill the insect with brooms, newspapers and even insect killers.” Shorts enthusiast Cyrus Dastur says, “Several short film fans have pointed out how both the films bear stark resemblance.”
Just days after India’s representative at the Oscars, Barfi, was attacked for lifting scenes from Hollywood classics, a report now suggests that Rajamouli’s Eega is guilty too.

But co-producer Suresh Babu is denying the allegations, “The idea for Eega has been Rajamouli’s dad’s for over 15 years now. We were just waiting for advanced technology to execute the idea.” He adds, “As far as inspiration is concerned, I haven’t watched Cockroach yet but if you’re drawing parallels, you can do so with any film. For instance, in the movie Ghost, a man comes back from the dead to protect his wife.”

Eega has already lost out to Barfi as a contender for the Oscars. Now, if it can be proved that the T-town hit is indeed plagiarised from the Aussie short film, it would lead to further disappointment among fans.

While Rajamouli was busy promoting Makkhi (Eega) in Bollywood, the director came under criticism by a few bloggers who have drawn parallels between Eega and an Australian short film 'Cockroach'. Further, the bloggers accused Rajamouli that a few scenes from his earlier films like Maryada Ramanna and Magadheera were taken from Hollywood films.

Reacting to these accusations, Rajamouli said that Eega is a unique script but he doesn't have any substantial evidence to prove it.

"I was going through several animations films made on animals while making Eega and I came across a film 'fluke', which is about reincarnated dog taking revenge. So no one compares Cockroach and Fluke but it's unfortunate that people draw parallels between Eega and Cockroach. I feel bad when people make such accusations but I can clearly say that it's purely a coincidence and Eega is an original piece", said Rajamouli.


Copied or Inspired?

Now let us discuss in detail how these 2 films can be compared.
i) Naan EE/Eega is released in 2012,Where as Cockroach started production in July 2009 and was completed in March 2010, The trailer was uploaded in July 2010.
ii) Naan EE/Eega is a revenge story, but Cockroach is a black comedy movie ( as the description implies in website)
iii) The protagonist are different :Fly vs Cockroach
iv) In Nan EE/ Eega, villain kills the hero,but in Cockroach the hero dies in a car accident.

Let us look at the TWO sides of the coin.

First: Let us see the truth behind the alleged accuses.

1)Cockroach started production in July 2009 and was completed in March 2010, The trailer was uploaded in July 2010. Where as Eega was released in july 2012. So there is a chance to inspire,not completely but some scenes such as nani joins tears to form letters, News paper and insect killer scenes .

2) There are also allegations that some crucial scenes are inspired from 'The Bee' movie.
    a) Eega gets stick to  the tennis ball.
    b) a crucial scene before interval- Eega enters into the car through A/C.
    c) Water drops falling on Eega sitting on a leaf
    d) eega drinks cofee with the Heroine.
check this out.
Second: Let us see why it's not a copy

1) Claiming Naan EE/Eega as a copied film cannot be the right way to describe SS Rajamouli's brilliant film. Because the story is simple and universal. We would have heard lots of stories during our kids time how revenge takes in rebirth etc etc, so on this context, there is a very good chance of SS R haven't seen the Cockroach movie. If that's the case claiming it as copied movie will truly hurt the talented director's massive creation.

2) Naan EE / Eega is always claimed as a Kids movie by the director since it has a lot of content that makes kids ( and all people) enjoy very much. SSR have also said that this is an inspiration of a tale he heard in his young age from his father, which you can see when the credits roll

3) Last but not the least ,  due to the wrath of jealous tamil industry. Had you noticed one thing ,all these copied/plagiarized allegations started only after 4 months from its release that too by tamil industry people. To speak more frankly the movie won more accolades from audience and the industry a bit more in Tamil. They feel that 'Shankar' is  the Top director of South India and no can beat him, but as Rajamouli threatened his position with graphix and taking style  ,they got jealous and started investigating his success. Thus a sudden explode of plagiarism on EEGA started.

Final Verdict: Even after this detailed analysis with sublime explanation,some may not be convinced with its genuinity.  As everyone has their own views , we must respect them. Its clear that it is not a balant copy, rather a mild inspired highly creative and unconventional movie on the celluloid. Goes down as one of the Game Changing Movies in Indian Cinema.

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Raj said...

Grt man, awsum job. Our films are mirror of hollywood. Yaar ek movie nahi bana sakte jo copy na ho

Satya said...

watch mistakes / oversights I noticed in this movie

Zopy g said...

This is one of the Important and memorable post.This is one of the knowledgeable post.

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phani said...

helo boss apne movies se bhi un log copy maarthey hai....... ok....

phani said...

do u know swathi muthyam ,, dr. kamal hassan sir that movie is copied hollywood people u know ,, and russel crown got the oscar award ...,, so how amany awards will getmr. kamal hassan sir.. tel me??// and viswaroopam is not a copying movie .. ok

phani said...

helo boss...... kamal hassan sir""""'viswaroopam is not a copying movie.. ok

Ravi Babu said...

I dont think Tamil people are jealous of SSR, because there is no way comapred ssr with Shankar, definetly.
What SSR has done till now in new subject line, The same revenge stories as telugu people like, nothing yet to keep him in lime light. i consider only sye and eegaa

tamilan daaa said...

tamil industry jealousa???pongada vennaigala..neenga nalla copy adichutu ipa ena sappa kattu katuringa...

jagadish said...

Don't call copy
just call inspiration, its an inspiration...from cockroach movie..

jagadish said...

ss rajamouly made this movie in Telugu then its dubbed into Tamil and others languages

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