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15 Oct 2012

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krishnam vande jagadgurum ' babu' song copied


MOVIE         :  krishnam vande jagadgurum (2012)

CAST                  :Rana,Nayanatara
SONG                 : b-tech babu


                 The sensible,experimental and critically acclaimed  director 'Krish' is back with his 'TRADEMARK' style movie. He likes experimenting and strives hard to make it genuine classic.
His upcoming movie KVJ staring Rana and Nayan Tara is al set to release as soon as possible.The music has already been launched.
                 The songs may not be FANTASTIC, may not be ECSTATIC  ,may not even be ACOUSTIC but they definetly gonna be AESTHETIC as seen from the other movies of krish. 

                Right now Mani is on the process to 'Consolidate' his Position as  one of the Top music director in TFI . Its really a crucial period for Mani as both of his compositions (CGR, KVJ) are ready to release. So he choose to play a safe bet, rather a guarantee one by 'COPY-MIXING' popular super hits.

                     For this song Mani chose the Bollywood's Unconventional super hit song 'EMOTIONAL ATYACHAAR' from DEV-D(2009). It was a top Chartbuster in 2009 and enthralled  music lovers  with its unusual tune far away from typical bollywood style. As for the song it is mainly dedicated to LOVE FAILURES.
                      Now coming to this song Mani made a remixed version of the original in his typical style. One special aspect of this song is that its not that easy to point out the exact location(timing) of the copycat work,rather when heard separately we feel the similarities in beats,tune and even the chorus,but can't pin-point it. Well Mani tried hard to mask the original tune with his mass beat, but he cant escape from our CCR   surveillance.
                      but its worth mentioning  that its not a balant copy ,the copy cat work can only be understood on repeated replays. 

P.S: Mani once again tried to play safe for CGR and copied a tune for the song 'Melikalu'

Now we gonna 'REVEAL' you the EXCLUSIVE copy cat video CREATED in CCR lab comprising of 'B-TECH BABU' & 'EMOTIONAL ATYACHAAR'


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