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28 Nov 2012

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Krishnam Vande..(KVJ) 4 songs copied/inspired list

MOVIE         :  krishnam vande jagadgurum (2012)
CAST             :Rana,Nayanatara
SONG            : b-tech babu
               The sensible,experimental and critically acclaimed  director 'Krish' is back with his 'TRADEMARK' style movie. He likes experimenting and strives hard to make it genuine classic.His upcoming movie KVJ staring Rana and Nayan Tara is al set to release as soon as possible.The music has already been launched.
                The songs may not be FANTASTIC, may not be ECSTATIC  ,may not even be ACOUSTIC but they definetly gonna be AESTHETIC as seen from the other movies of krish. 
                   Right now Mani is in a bad phase of his career and is on the process to 'Consolidate' his Position as  one of the Top music director in TFI . Its really a crucial period for Mani as both of his compositions (CGR, KVJ) are released in a gap of short span. So he choose to play a safe bet, rather a guarantee one by 'COPY-MIXING' popular super hits.
                 There are alleged rumors that  4 songs are copied/inspired from various bollywood and hollywood soundtracks. Actually a big fight is going on in youtube and forums between ‘Manisharma fans’ & others. These cat-fights compelled me to post a complete story about all these 4 inspired songs.
1) ‘ babu’ song is copied from the song ‘Emotional Atyachaar’ in Dev-D(2009).see the video
2) ‘Chal Chal’ song is inspired from the song ‘Rumors has it’ by Adele
*Note* : Only humming and background beats are inspired.
3) ‘Papa jagratha’ song too is loosley inspired from the song ‘Dil tho bachahe ji’ from Ishqia().
*Note*: only the starting humming and middle beats are inspired, but notThe full song.
special Note** dont miss from 1:23 to 1:30 (ishqiya), play it in full volume

4)’KVJ Theme’ is slightly inspired from the theme music of ‘The Dark Knight(2005)’
*UPDATED (15/apr/2013)* Some of you are accepting that above 3 may be copied but theme song isn’t becoz mani is BGM god & something blah blah (This is something similar to saying “He is a criminal but a good criminal” Smile with tongue out)…. guys grow up its easy to lift a theme than an entire song. He already proved it many times. Any way the dark night theme song is updated…. its not actually a theme song rather a soundtrack (agent of Chaos)…. I found it just days after posting the previous not so similar theme song, but couldn’t post it as I was busy… and finally the mistake is corrected.
*special Note: Listen to the background music in Kvj theme.
*hear from 0:00-02:30 sec carefully with full volume (02:15-02:25 xerox)
Final Verdict: all songs are more or less inspired but not balant copy works. #NO OFFENSE
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Manikanta Bavirisetty said...


Anonymous said...

Its not at all acceptable...
How jst u point out a comparision like this..
May b the three songs r jst some way acceptable..,but the theme songs r not at all comparable...mani has exicuted damn well...der is no inspiration frm the theme the dark knight...jst guys try 2 listen both the songs...its jst an shame feel 2 u all..if u had chance jst praise our music directors...dnt jst blame them...dat he had inspired this song like dat...he is an exellent BGM composer...hes favorite to all top most actors...pls,pls...dnt do this kind of busines,if u have no work...go on work with porn sites...dnt do this business...MANISHARMA is a great composer in BGM...i love him...

boss said...

hey compare this for your 3rd one

Pruthveshwar Sakunala said...

Hey Admin , you missed out the title song of KVJM sung by SPB where it is a 9:30 min song and in different parts of the song you find the heavy bass drum beats that are a BALANT COPY from "Dark Knight" and "Dark Knight Rises" which are actually / originally composed by Hans Zimmer the best ever drum beat composer of Hollywood. You can edit this post and add that song too.. Note - Ignore the lyrics of the telugu version and completely concentrate on the deepest beat , coz Mani Sharma very very cleverly overlaped it with other sounds.. So be careful while listening , finding it out and revealing it on the blog..!

Hope u shall do it soon , without mistakes..!!

Matt said...

People don't dare to copy the combo of Christopher Nolan and Hans Zimmer. Unfortunately Indians might be intelligent in the other fields like Science and technology, Cricket etc.., but they are never good composers. Copying something that too music and claiming it as their endeavour is the biggest idiotic thing ever. Getting inspired is different from copying.Our directors and Music composers never admit this. This is like Ben Afflick playing BATMAN when Christian Bale is the one and only one!

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