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7 Nov 2012

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The secret behind gabbar singh sucess-TRIVIKRAM


The Master of Ultra punch dialogues ‘Trivikram’ celebrates his 40th birthday today.

WRITER kaavalanuko thappu ledu , kaani TRIVIKRAM kanna baaga rayalanukoku RAALIPOTAAV...

AK47 lo ina BULLETS ipotay kani TRIVIRAM PENULO PUNCHULIPOVU………. so a small tribute to this genius from CCR .

                He is a renowned magician who does magic with his Words, Tricks with his Tactical punches, disappears sadness in our hearts and creates genuine smiles on our face.

Sometimes it feels like HE is the RUBICK (MASTER MIND).... and his DILOGUES are the CUBES....and only the INGENIOUS can spot the depth in his SUBTLE PUNCHES (SOLVE all colors)


                    This has been a part of his Legacy starting from ‘swayamvaram’(1999) to his latest directional venture ‘Julayi’(2012). To describe it in his typical one liner style , He is  Adroit ,Brilliant ,Creative ,Dexterous ,Eminent ,Flawless ,Gifted ,Humble & Innovative. These qualities  are well known to every one and have discussed on many other sites. On the occasion of his birthday CCR gonna reveal his unknown secrets and trivia.


             Many of us know that Trivikram helped in the script work of ‘GABBAR SINGH’ and received a vote of thanks in the Titles, but many are unaware of the fact that the main highlights(dialogues,characters) of the film are created by trivikram himself. Below are the list of those  ideas and dialogues :


1. naakkonchem thikkundi, kanee daniko lekkundi (TradeMark dialogue of the movie)

2. na thikkento chupista, andari lekkalu telusta

3. Ali named as Samba

4. arey samba idi raasko raa.. raskuni book print cheyiddham.. nenu naa paithyam ! (The most Hilarious lines pawan uses in most scenes)

5. brahmi using cutuout in rickshaw and 'content unnodiki cutout chalu' dialogue (copy rights taken to use it in dabangg-2)

6. tanikella bharani's character and dialogues (there is no such character in Dabangg )

7. shruti haasan pelli scene and dialogues (nuvu taletti chuste vadu rendu mudulu vesi moodo mudi vese lopala ee pelli aapesta.neeku moodu muLLu kavala, muppai bullets kavala )

8. villains playing sad song in radio and sitting in depression.

9. minister office lo pani chesedi heroine anna ani cheppte, 'rangayya sound penchayya..' ani jalsa song tho egurukuntu velle scene

10.climax ki mundu ajay ki gun ichi pawan ni shoot cheyamani pampithe, bharani says : veedu bhayapadtunnadu. champutadantava ?
villain : charitralo chala hathyalu bhayam tho chesinave
(this are from trivikram)

                inka konni unnayi but aren’t leaked


  do you Think just a  thanks  to Trivikram in titles can justify his contribution ?


As usual  his contribution and glory is underplayed not just in this movie but also in 4 other movies.

The list of the movies he played a part as the Gost Director

1.Santosham (2002)(preminchukovadniki idaru vyekthulu chalu kaani peli cheskovdaniki rendu kutumbalu kaavali & many more)

2.nine istapadanu (2003)

3.Ela chepanu(2003)

4.Satyam(2003) (may be the role played by ‘sumanth’ as ghost lyric writer depicts our 3vik)

5.Gabbar singh(2012)



1)    The assassination scene of political leader in ATHADU(2005) is used in a hollywood movie ‘THE INTERNATIONAL’ (2009)-wiki. Who said Telugu directors always copy scenes from Hollywood? there are a few Reverse plagiarized cases  like these and this one Stands out.


2)   How many times can you repeatedly watch  a Blockbuster or even a Biggest hit of the decade movie ?

5……10….may be die hard fans can resist for a 20 repeats. But can u imagine a movie having the Highest TRP rating even after telecasting it for more than 100times on a TV channel? Its really implausible to believe such feats. This interesting fact  have been released by MAA TV after it Renewed the telecast rights of the movie for the next 6years for an whopping price of 3.5 crores. uuufff some facts are unbelievable, But its TRIVIKRAM here.       


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sai kiran said...

But what about the DARK kNIGHT copied scene in JULAAYI..

pradeep said...

even the assasination scene you mentioned is copied from "shooter"!!, dialogs and scenes in julayi are copied from dark knight, scenes and dialogs of chirunavvuto are lifted from life is beautiful(1997),dialogs and scenes of nuvvu naaku nachav are lifted from meet the parents. I agree that Trivikram is really talented person but don't be biased when you are writing blogs like this and I don't think trivikram penned dialogs for gabbar singh which are not even close to his genre !!

pavan said...

brothers even julayi scene was copied from sherlock holmes dark of shadows in the last scene of julayi but even when u watch sherlock opening scene from where it is lifted u can be amazed that they did lift the fight scene from trivikrams movie jalsa (2008).
ther was a give and take between both tollywood and hollywood. this was made possible by trivikram only trivikram

ABHISHEK B said...

Athaadu itself was a remake of english movie "The Assassins"

Ragu Vardan said...

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