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30 Dec 2012

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Sylvester Stallone wins copyright infringement case


Sylvester Stallone has reportedly won a copyright infringement case filed against him for stealing the plot for 'The Expendables' from another screenwriter Marcus Webb.



                       Corporate speechwriter Marcus Webb, writer of The Cordoba Caper, alleged that Stallone's super action heros film borrowed heavily from his own script, a claim Stallone denies. He says ”Stallone's Expendables screenplay had 20 "striking similarities" to his own, The Cordoba Caper. Stallone admits the theme is  based on a different script entitled Barrow by David Callahan, but that he has never seen Webb's. (Callahan is credited as co-writer on the final Expendables script.)



The similarities between Webb's and Stallone's scripts are striking at first glance.


The Cordoba Caper involves the adventures of highly trained soldiers of fortune, employed by a wealthy benefactor to take out a ruthless tyrant engaged in genocidal programs related activities. This obviously bears a striking resemblance to the plot of The Expendables, right down to the 'rescuing a young woman' subplot. The only problem? It also sounds a lot like about 500 other action films.



                      The judge agreed that the plot points used in both films were "simple stock devices that are standard in action movies." Even The Expendables' most solid similarity to The Cordoba Caper - the villain in both stories is named 'General Garza' – was dismissed as such. "As defendants point out," Rakoff said, "Garza is a common Hispanic surname."


why it may not be copied?

                         Webb's script was never picked up for development. He submitted it to several amateur screenwriting contests, none of which he won, prompting to note that, "It would require almost endless speculation" to conjure up the means by which Stallone would have laid eyes on it and used it in his film.


verdict: The Cordoba Caper is a story written by Marcus Webb. It is neither made into a film nor developed completely to be used as a screen play. So the probability is too narrow to say Stallone copied it down.


#source: NewYorkPost


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