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3 Jan 2013

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Malliswari boat song copied from Kusha Las Payas from Las ketchup



Do u Remember the Movie Malliswari(2004)???. How can one easily forget such a clean comedy film which is Regarded as one of the best Genuine comedy movie in the modern era of TFI.

Movie    : Malliswari (2004)

cast      : venkatesh, katrina

Director : Vijaya bhaskar

Music    : KOTI

              Irrespective of its dialogues,punches & comedy ,the movie has a descent music which enhanced its longevity. The movie has a song ‘Nuvventha andhagathe picturised in a boat.Thanks to its choreography which elevates the mood of the song.The song looks apt to the situation as venky tries to impress katrina.


             However the lyrics may look native but not the tune of the song. yes its another balant rip-off by Koti. The original song is "Kusha Las Payas"  performed by the Andalusian-Spanish pop group Las Ketchup. It was released in November 2002 as the second single from their album, Hijas del Tomate.

song: Kusha Las Payas

artist : Las Ketchup

P.S: its not the lone song from the movie that is copied, there’s another song ‘janma  janmala’ feat. venky & gajala which is xeroxed from the super hit song ‘Rhythm Divine’ by Enrique Iglesias. we gonna post this song too asap. keep tuned.


We gonna Reveal the original song of ‘Nuvventha’. watch out


Malishwari ‘nuventha’ song copied


Now check the original song…..



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Madhu Ayyagari said...

Malleswari itself is a copy of "Roman Holiday" starring Gregory Peck & Audrey Hepburn

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