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6 Jan 2013

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Bombay Theme song copied in Hollywood Movie & 4 other songs (Reverse copying)



This is the 4th Reverse copied song out of 15


Its time for CopyCatsRevealed to pay tribute to the ‘Mozart of Madras’- A R Rahaman. We gonna post a series of 15 songs Reverse copied by other foreign artists from Rahman’s original compositions.


Song  : Theme Music & song

Movie : Bombay(1995)

Music : A.R.Rahman


We all know that Rahman has won two Oscars for his composition in Slum Dog Millionaire(2009). He Rose to an instant global fame after winning the Oscars (of course he is globally renowned even before the Oscars ).


it’s a routine for CCR loyal readers & visitors to see the songs copied by our music directors from other languages(mostly foreign). We had a bunch of such copycatworks and had posted many. But for the first time since our launch we are posting a series of songs copied by foreign artists from the original compositions of Rahman ,a tribute on his b’day and we call it Reverse Copying.

    Since its release, the soundtrack for Bombay has been influential, both nationally and internationally. The soundtrack also found success across India in its dubbed Hindi and Telugu versions. In 2007, the soundtrack was included in The Guardian's "1000 Albums to Hear Before You Die" list,[4] and the Hindi version of the song "Kannalane", titled "Kehna Hi Kya", was included in their "1000 Songs Everyone Must Hear" list in 2009


        The track’Bombay Theme’ became an internationally sensational work and has featured in several compilations. It was also sampled by many major artists. Major compilation albums on which it was appeared include

 Chakra Seven Centers (1995; in which it was credited as "Ajna Chakra"),

Anokha - Soundz of the Asian Underground (1997)

, Café del Mar Vol 5 (1998),

Ambient Chillout Mix Vol. 1 (2002) and

 Paradisiac 2 .  as per wiki


The track is alternatively credited as "Bombay Theme Tune," "Mumbai Theme Tune" or "Bombay Theme Music" in compilations.


It was featured in the Palestinian film Divine Intervention in 2002, and in the Nicolas Cage film Lord of War, in 2005.


Theme is used by Loewenherz Bis in his song ‘Die Ewigkeit’

Theme is used by Loyd Banks in his song Rather by me’

Now we gonna Reveal the ‘Bombay Theme’ used in Lord of War Movie.

The song sampled by Lloyd banks for his song ‘Rather be me’

song is used by  Loewenherz Bis in his song ‘Die Ewigkeit’

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