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6 Jan 2013

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GentleMan-‘andamanta’ song copied by french album & movie (Reverse copying)



Its time for CopyCatsRevealed to pay tribute to the ‘Mozart of Madras’- A R Rahaman. We gonna post a series of 15 songs Reverse copied by other foreign artists from Rahman’s original compositions.


This is the 3nd Reverse copied song out of 15.


Song  : Kontedanni katuko (Suhana lagta hai' in Hindi!)

Movie : Gentleman(1993)

Music : A.R.Rahman


          We all know that Rahman has won two Oscars for his composition in Slum Dog Millionaire(2009). He Rose to an instant global fame after winning the Oscars (of course he is globally renowned even before the Oscars ).


         it’s a routine for CCR loyal readers & visitors to see the songs copied by our music directors from other languages(mostly foreign). We had a bunch of such copycatworks and had posted many. But for the first time since our launch we are posting a series of songs copied by foreign artists from the original compositions of Rahman ,a tribute on his b’day and we call it Reverse Copying.

              Now coming to the actual story, the song ‘Kontedanni katuko’ (called 'Roop Suhana lagta hai' in Hindi!) from Gentleman(1993) is used by "Pilotes Automatiques," their French rap remix of the Tamil song "Ottagathai Kattiko" from the Tamil film Gentleman composed by A. R. Rahman was a huge underground success in France.The resulting remix "Pilotes Automatique" appeared in the film Sheitan as per wiki.The hip-hop track is part of La Caution's 2005 album, 'Arc En Ciel Pour Dal Toniens'

song: Pilotes Automatiques

Artist : la caution

P.S: Now, a few pertinent questions. Does the French album include a credit to Rahman? But the answers to this question remains unavailable.(intrested guys can google it). So not sure whether to call it a copy or not.


Now we gonna Reveal the original & remixed(copied) version of ‘andhamanta ichuko’


Now listen to the remixed or copied song



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