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8 Jan 2013

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Naayak-Live Review with dialogues



Story Line:

           Reports say the film is an emotionally charged film, which revolves around a boy who fights hard to fulfill the ambition of his father. For the first time in his career, Ram Charan Teja is playing a dual role in the film.

            The story line says one guy is a mass guy and the other is a class guy. In the first half of the movie, the mass guy does a series of murders and the second guy gets arrested for the murders. When the judge is about to declare the judgment, the real culprit appears before the court and agrees to his crime. And the second half is all about why he kills?.


watch out for #Charan , #kajal & #Thaman's Music 

                                               ---> check list of songs copied by Thaman


A Few Dialogues from Naayak  ..


1.Area Ni Batti Maradaniki Idi Climate Kaadu…Courage.

2.Prabhutvam Kosam Prajalu Vundakudadu…. Prajala Kosam Prabhutvam Vundali.

3.Na Joliki Vasthe Kshamistha…Na valla Joliki Vasthe Narikestha.

4.Vadu Ey State Lo Vunna… Ey Street lo Vunna Pattukunta

5. “Form lo unna leader ni,…… following unna hero ni follow kaavaali”.

6. Nenu Edaina okkasari chepta……… rendo saari champesta “..  !


First Half


  • Opening Titles Rolled
  • Story starts in Calcutta 
  • Pradeep Raavat introduction 
  • Superb dialogues for Naayak introduction 
  • Nayaak introduction with fight [ BGM is highlight ] – “Na Joliki Vasthe Kshamistha..… Na valla Joliki Vasthe Narikestha”.dailogue is the intro Dialogue
  • Laila O Laila , First song started  NoteNoteNote
  • Energetic dances by ramcharan for Laila O Laila Song . 
  • kajal looks Stunning. she’s gonna be everyones Heart-Throb.Red heartRed heartRed heart
  • Cherry is the Nayaak’s name 
  • Brahmi introduction its. Funny 
  • Superb dialogues by Bramhi introduction 
  • dialogue “Power star first day first show tickets evarikiana dorukuyhunda . ? “
  • Bramhi’s name is JILEEBHIWinking smile Smile with tongue outHot smile
  • Movie shot in Panja locations 
  • All characters are getting introduced one by one 
  • Bramhi dancing for enduku Emo song. Superb 
  • Oka chpuke is second song Note NoteNote
  • Brahmi comedy rocks 
  • MS dialogues are superb as a drinker . 
  • 3rd song kattilanti pilla locations are awesomeNote  NoteNote
  • Superb twist 
  • Interval bang is mind blowing 
  • First Half Verdict:  Movie is Totally Entertaining & fully commercial.


  • Flashback started
  • Charan reminds megastar in INDRA
  • Siddu is the Flashback Character Name
  • Amalapul introduction , simply superb. Red heartRed heart
  • Siddu is going to be a Naayak
  • GabbarSingh cutout .
  • Venumadhav is fans president of power star Surprised smileHot smile
  • GabbarSingh interval in Naayak post interval scene
  • Subhaleka rasukunna song is awesome. Visualization is good . NoteNote
  • Rajeev kanakala character is superb
  • Dialogue – “Form lo unna leader ni,…… following unna hero ni follow kavali”.
  • Half day lo ambaani ni datista Naayak
  • Hilarious comedy in second half. Posani character is awesome FreezingWinking smile
  • This chocolate episode is same like #GabbarSingh anthakshyari scene. Theatre is fully enjoying
  • Dialogue – “Nenu Edaina okkasari chepta……… rendo saari champesta “..  !
  • Nellore Song started NoteNote
  • Court scene will remember us tagore
  • Second half is more entertaining than first-half.
  • Theatre is fully laughing. Superb Comedy.
  • It's Time For Final Song , dual roles dancing for the Hey Naayak (title) Song NoteNoteNote.
  • Climax fight!
  • That’s it!! Shubham card !!!

FINAL VERDICT : According to Premiere show Reports #Naayak gonna be First hit

                               of 2013.

                                It’s a treat for fans… they surely gonna love this one…

                                coming to normal audience perspective, it’s gonna be  ABOVE AVG

RATING: Red heartRed heartRed heartBroken heart


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