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5 Jan 2013

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Bombay-‘Gumsum’ song used in Turntables by ciaria



Its time for CopyCatsRevealed to pay tribute to the ‘Mozart of Madras’- A R Rahaman. We gonna post a series of 15 songs Reverse copied by other foreign artists from Rahman’s original compositions.


This is the 2nd Reverse copied song out of 15.


Song  : Gumsum Gumsum (kehna hi hey)

Movie : Bombay(1995)

Music : A.R.Rahman


We all know that Rahman has won two Oscars for his composition in Slum Dog Millionaire(2009). He Rose to an instant global fame after winning the Oscars (ofcourse he is globally renowned even before the Oscars ).


it’s a routine for CCR loyal readers & visitors to see the songs copied by our music directors from other languages(mostly foreign). We had a bunch of such copycatworks and had posted many. But for the first time since our launch we are posting a series of songs copied by foreign artists from the original compositions of Rahman ,a tribute on his b’day and we call it Reverse Copying.


The song Gumsum Gumsum (kehna hi hey in hindi) was a heartthrob tune to many music lovers even today. it’s a one in a million song which stuck to our hearts and brings a smile to our face even in worse situations. Music has no boundaries and no death. may be this aspect of it suits to rahman’s songs and an apt example for it is ‘gumsum gumsum’.


May be impressed by its tune , The Hindi version of the song was also sampled by Ciara for her 2009 song "Turntables", featuring Chris Brown. Ciara used the original song in the first 15 seconds and between a few raps in the middle. It’s a case of tribute to Rahman ,by using a mere regional low budget movie soundtrack in a pop song by a globally famous pop star.  


P.S: This is more of a case of sampling of songs into another rather than  copying as the credits are mentioned in the album as per wiki Bombay theme – Turnables .So don’t call it a copy ,rather it’s a tribute to Rahman’s talent.


Song : Turntables(2009)

Artist : ciara

Note: Don’t miss first 15 seconds

Now we gonna Reveal original and inspired songs

original song..


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